The Benefits of Camping

  • Posted on Oct 5, 2017

We all know how fantastic we feel when we’re out and about and enjoying the great outdoors. Whether we’re walking through the woods or setting up our campers next to a beautiful, peaceful lake, the natural wilderness can not only inspire feelings of calm but it can physically alter our brains for the better.

For centuries the natural landscape has inspired people, from artists and writers to scientists and pioneers, so it’s no wonder that when we’re out enjoying the wilderness, either in our tents, expedition trailers or sheep camps, that we want to extend our stay to reap the benefits. So how can you benefit from hooking up your trailer and going camping for a few days?

Mood Booster

It is a well known fact that being outside in nature can improve your mood and make you feel better. This is because natural landscapes have the ability to reduce feelings of anxiety and even depression, as well as other negative feelings, such as fear and anger. It can also generate feelings of relaxation and tranquility. Studies have shown that being in nature and viewing natural scenes – such as rivers, trees, oceans, fields, mountains and even the sky – can help to improve the mental health of people suffering from stress and depression, and even some physical illnesses.

Because we are naturally programmed to be in a natural environment, we are designed to take pleasure in looking at it and being in it. Psychologists have also discovered that viewing awe-inspiring scenes in nature can also improve happiness, so packing up your family and your trailers to head out to a majestic landscape can boost everyone’s mood.

Health Benefits

Camping and being out in nature not only makes you feel relaxed but it can actually benefit your physical health. Because of the mental health benefits of being in a natural environment, your physical health will also benefit. Research has shown that nature can help to reduce blood pressure and relax your heart rate, boosting your overall health. Viewing natural landscapes and elements of nature will also help your muscles to relax as well as lowering the amount of cortisol that your body produces.

By reducing the amount of cortisol your body produces you will be doing your heart and your brain a favor. So while you’re taking your sheep camp on the road, you’ll not only be keeping yourself healthy but you could also be extending your life.

A well known study also demonstrated that pain is more tolerable to those who are viewing elements of nature. The study found that, of patients who had undergone the same surgery, the half who were placed in rooms with views of nature felt less pain that the half who were placed in rooms with views of a wall.

Improved Sleep

Sleeping under the stars can really get you back to nature. Afterall, our ancestors would have been doing the same thing. But you don’t have to be literally sleeping under the stars to reap the benefits of camping. Sheep camps and expedition trailers will still give you the same benefits.

Because you’ll be out in nature, you will be more attune to the cycles of the moon and the sun. Studies have shown that when you’re sleeping and waking up with the patterns of the sun your circadian rhythms are effectively reset, allowing you to feel more energized. Just like our ancestors, animals still live by the sun’s cycle, as it is a natural way to function.

When we’re not camping out in nature, our circadian rhythms can become disrupted. Most of us will live by artificial light when the sun goes down or before it comes up and this can be a major source of disruption for our natural sleep cycle. Having your circadian rhythm disrupted can lead to health problems, including making us more at risk from developing heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. All the more reason to take your camper away for a few days.

Fresh Air

Packing up the camper and heading into the wilderness will let you breathe in that all important fresh air. When you’re surrounded by nature and trees, the air is filled with more oxygen and less pollution, so it’s even healthier to breathe. Not only is this beneficial for your lungs but it will encourage you to get out there and exercise. Taking a hike through the forests or mountains can make you feel great and all that fresh air you’ll be breathing in while you’re exercising is also good for aiding sleep.

Plus, when you’re out in the great outdoors, you’ll usually find you’re off grid too. Being unplugged from your gadgets and the lure of social media can help you to spend even more time in the fresh air. It will also help you disconnect from your technology-packed lifestyle, which can boost your well-being and help you feel less stressed. And if you’ve packed up the family for your camping trip you’ll also find you can spend more quality time with each other, and perhaps get some outdoor games set up or enjoy some time around a campfire making s’mores.

Even if you’re not quite literally sleeping under the stars, being in a camper also means that as soon as you wake up and step outside, the fresh air and scenic natural landscapes are right on your doorstep. And the benefit of trailers means you can easily set up camp anywhere you like and have a little home away from home to explore the wilderness without having to sleep on the cold, hard ground, or under canvas.

Opening your camp door to the wilderness is one of the best ways to relax, boost your happiness, improve your health, get a restful sleep, breathe in that fresh, natural air and spend some well-deserved time away from the stresses and strains of life. No matter what type of vehicle or trailer you have, or even a tent, the benefits of camping are just a drive away.

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