The Teardrop Trailer Evolved

  • Posted on Jun 5, 2017

More and more you hear about the changing priorities of the upcoming generation. Recent articles on studies of the spending priorities of the younger generation seem to suggest in part that they value experiences over things. So what better way to accomplish those priorities than with a return to the retro feel of two-person mobile living and teardrop trailers?

Teardrop Trailers

The classic look of the teardrop trailer goes back as far as the 1930s, when they became popular due to their lightweight and aerodynamic design that made towing them behind the family car or even a motorcycle possible. The teardrop trailers of the early 20th century look and feel much like the teardrop trailers of today with their broad and open fronts peeling away toward the back to an almost point. Sleeping just two people might seem like it would be cramped, but like mentioned above, sometimes it is not so much about taking up large amounts of space, but being able to get to where you are going as efficiently as possible.
Early teardrop trailers were made simply with a four foot by eight foot panel of wood with wooden frames set upon a two-wheel base. The classic teardrop design allowed two adults to lie down with their feet toward the back and their upper bodies occupying the spacious front area, allowing them to sit up and move about in the space. Add to that the storage space toward the back and commuters were able to extend their day trips to multiple days with minimal additions to their vehicles.
For these reasons, the teardrop trailers were especially popular among suburban families taking road trips beginning in the 1930s and into the 1940s and 1950s when they began to decline in popularity in the 1960s. However, with the resurgence of value on mobility and the cyclic return to the old aesthetic, the teardrop trailer has made a huge comeback.
While modern teardrop trailers appear to be designed as variations on a theme, there are a set of common goals each tries to accomplish. First, they all attempt to be accessible to a broad cross section of the population. What made teardrop trailers popular in the early 20th century have made them popular again today, namely that they can be pulled with any number of vehicles, they are easy to store and take up minimal space when not in use. Teardrop trailers of today are also very versatile, often including electric or gas amenities. Some appeal to the DIY communities and can be built from scratch by following plans or assembled after purchasing a kit. Whatever flavor of teardrop trailer appeals to you, it is quite likely that you share some of these common goals.

The Timberline Recon: A Modern Teardrop Trailer… Evolved.

We here at Timberline understand the drive and mindset of people who are looking to add mobility and excitement to their lives. We are those people. And so we are passionate that the Timberline Recon is the pinnacle of teardrop trailer advancement.
The first thing you will notice when exploring the Recon Teardrop trailer is the slight deviation from the Retro feel of past teardrops. We dig the design elements that make the teardrop trailers unique and desireable, but we also are proud of our proven history of industrial design and manufacturing. So when we approached the creation of a teardrop for modern camps, we felt obligated to go all out.
Our Recon teardrop is a valued member of our broader camp family of living spaces which means it adheres to the same strict and rigorous design standards every other camp accomplishes. The Recon Teardrop is built to last a lifetime so when others are reaching the end of their lifespan, you can rest assured (in your recon) that you will be set for life.
The Recon Teardrop trailer is designed by expert engineers and constructed by skilled craftspeople who take great pride in their work. And all of that quality gets packed tight into a 3,500 lb trailer. The Recon teardrop satisfies the foundational desires of the camp and mobile living community to embrace impulsive experiences. Can you think of a better feeling than one day waking up, deciding to hook up your Recon teardrop and setting off that same morning? Neither can we. And that’s why we decided to make the Recon a part of our family.

Above and Beyond

So how does the Recon take the teardrop trailer to the next level? Well, We’ve already mentioned the superior design and construction. But what about those camps that crave customization and creation? Well, you will be happy to know that just like our other camps, the Recon Teardrop is fully customizable. Want to add solar panels and power an electric power source? You’ve got it. How about hot water and heating? No problem, We have those options too. What about options for twin/queen mattresses, top-notch insulation, off-road suspension, electric brakes, and nice large entry doors? Well, all those come standard.
The design of the Recon Teardrop trailer keeps accessibility and convenience front–or at least back–and center. So once you climb out of the trailer to the crisp morning all you need to do to access your portable kitchen and storage space is to pop open the rear hatch and you have counter space and access to all of your stored supplies.
The original teardrops were designed to open up the world for folks on a budget. They allowed people to turn day trips into overnight and multiple day excursions. They made life on the road a possibility even for people without heavy duty trucks or huge budgets.
We at Timberline Camps love the original feel of those early teardrop trailers and what they represent, and that drove us toward perfecting the hardware to match. The teardrop trailer has evolved in the form of the Timberline Recon, taking that same spirit off road and off to new horizons.

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- Pat and Ernie , Sparks Nevada

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