Pushing the Boundaries of Mobile Living

  • Posted on Apr 12, 2017


Whatever the particulars of your own passion for the outdoors, it is a safe assumption in polite company that you will be able to connect with other enthusiasts about the beauty, expanse, and challenge of wilderness living. One person may enjoy short day trips up local canyons, while another may be passionate about careening down a river in a canoe or across a mountain on bike or skis.
But when you separate into each individual type of outdoor excursion you may find a measure of tribalism and boundary defining. Cross country skiing isn’t real skiing. Tubing down a river isn’t really on the same level as kayaking. RV camping isn’t as authentic as tent camping. At the end of the day, though, the thrills we find outdoors, whether at work or play, novice or expert, are validating in and of themselves. The great outdoors are great no matter how you experience them.
Nevertheless, you may find there are some boundaries you’d like to cross in how you experience the outdoors. Why should your desire to get off the beaten path always come at the cost of the amenities of home? Looking at traditional mobile home camps, you may have wondered what you are supposed to do with your bus-sized vehicle when you see a dirt path leading down into mountain valley or what you are going to do when you are embarking on more of an expedition than a vacation. What if you want to set up an expedition camp rather than a small tent camp?

The Expedition Camp: A New Perspective on the Mobile Outdoors

You may have memories of hopping into your family RV and driving off your lot to go camping or road tripping across the beautiful Wasatch front. If so, you probably also remember pulling into the campground, parking in the lot designated for your site, hooking up your electricity and water supply, and then setting out on foot expeditions to the area immediately surrounding your camping pad. You had the amenities of a home kitchen, shower, bed, and dining table while still being surrounded by the great outdoors. For many of us, this coupled with tent expedition camping defined our first experiences in the wild.
Those recreational homes became an anchor to your adventures. They were a place to return to after you had explored and discovered the beauty and the life in the nation’s countless parks and forests. They were homes away from home
Your own expedition camp differs slightly, though. Your expedition camp is not so much an anchor for your adventure as it is a rudder, steering you into new, uncharted regions of the world around you. The camp comes with all those same amenities you grew to love and that you need on long expeditions through valleys and across mountains, with the added benefit of being a tough and durable as your sense of adventure.
An expedition camp means durability, toughness, and access. It means you don’t have to compromise on comfort if you want to travel off the beaten path and find new vistas to wake up to. It can act as the base camp for a few days or a few weeks while you set out for the horizon on foot or behind the wheel. And when you are ready to move on, it is a matter of hitching it up and setting off.

The Elements of Expedition

At the core of the expedition ethos is discovering and pushing boundaries. Moving across space and geography in a way that has never been done before is both the means and purpose of expedition camps. While such ambitious goals may have only been possible with great hardship and at the cost of convenience and comfort in the past, modern expedition camps combine the versatility and mobility of the spirit of expeditions with the modern living you have grown to love.
Traveling away from the crowd and into the openness of nature is not limited to recreation, either. Expedition camps were about utility and getting the job done in a place that was inaccessible to everyone else. Your work may be in the hills away from established society, but that does not mean that you have to sacrifice the modern comfort. Using modern camps you can veer off-road and the expedition camp will follow. Consider the freedom you will feel when you step out of your camp and see the wide, sprawling expanse of nature rather than four or eight or thirty other recreational vehicles hooked up and tied down to their camping pad. And when you are ready to move on, it is a matter of battening down the hatches, hooking up the expedition camp, and buckling up.
Expedition is about discovery and innovation and survival in extreme conditions. In your own camp you not only face the elements, you protect yourself and your loved ones from them. You will probably not be surprised crossing paths and joining up with the most intrepid adventurers traversing the terrain by foot or pedal. And you will be ready to follow.

Expedition Camping Comfort

After hours of work on the range, there just isn’t anything like coming home to a bed and warm meal, sitting around the table with your loved ones. But at times our lives and our jobs just don’t allow for that to happen as often as we’d like. So, while there is no place like home, there may be a place close enough. Expedition camp is not only about having a place to return to, it is about your family having access to the world and to each other while on the move.
There are countless ways to experience the joys of the wilderness and outdoors and every person will approach it in their own personal, unique way. Too often this approach involves sacrificing adventure for comfort or vice versa. With expedition camps, though, these compromises become opportunities.

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“First, thanks for all of the help and patience in preparing to order our camp. You made sure that we really got what we wanted. From the time we picked up our camp we have really enjoyed it. It pulls great, and is easy to park and set up. This camp is so comfortable. Cooking and cleaning is easy, and everything is easy to get to. You can have people in and not feel crowded. We have camped in camp grounds, by lakes, and in the hills hunting with no problems. We like camping in it best when it is cold so we can use the wood stove. There is nothing cozier than that stove. Summer is nice to; the windows are placed so there is good ventilation. The door coming in from the front is more secure feeling. The kids are fighting over who will inherit it, but we are determined to wear it out before that happens.”

- Pat and Ernie , Sparks Nevada

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