Best and Most Scenic Roads to Take your Camper

  • Posted on Nov 16, 2018

Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of beautiful scenery in the United States. And what better way to enjoy it than from some of our great country’s national scenic roads. But there’s one way to make it even more enjoyable and that’s to pack up your campers or trailers and, in true American tradition, spend some nights out under the stars.

Criss-cross your way across the country and explore the various landscapes and wildlife that our diverse country has to offer on one of these amazing National Scenic Byways.

Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway, Colorado and Utah

Running through both Colorado and Utah, this National Scenic Byway can be a great trip for the whole family. Kids will especially love learning about the dinosaurs and crossing the land where they once roamed millions of years ago.

Beginning in Grand Junction, Colorado, this scenic road passes over real dinosaur country, where these prehistoric creatures’ remains and tracks can still be seen. There are several places where you can explore the history of the dinosaurs along the route, as well as numerous campgrounds where you can set up your campers for a multi-day adventure.

Northwest Passage Scenic Byway, Idaho 

Journey alongside the Clearwater River from Spalding, Idaho, through to Kooskia, Grangeville and Lewiston as you take in the stunning scenery and magnificent landscapes along the route.

There are plenty of places to stop along the way, with numerous campgrounds and recreation areas to enjoy. As well as rivers, mountains and canyons to see, you will also be passing through many of the places that Lewis and Clark stumbled upon during their expedition over 200 years ago, with important sites throughout the route.

Lake Tahoe – Eastshore Drive, Nevada 

Although it may not be a very long drive, it’s definitely worth a trip, as it’s often referred to as the ‘most beautiful drive in America’. The National Scenic Byway makes up a 28 mile drive along the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe in Nevada where you will see outstanding scenery, including magnificent views of the clear blue lake and the surrounding snowy peaks.

There are plenty of spots to stop and enjoy the nature around you, as well as several campgrounds around the area. If you want to extend your drive, you can continue around Lake Tahoe to the western shores in California.

Jemez Mountain Trail, New Mexico 

This Scenic Byway lets you travel through history as you explore the mesmerizing landscapes and culturally significant Native American sites. Starting in Los Alamos, you can drive through beautiful landscapes rich in history and wildlife to La Cueva, where you can continue to Cuba through the Santa Fe National Forest if you have a suitable off-road vehicle, as it’s not paved for 10 miles. Alternatively you can continue on the Scenic Byway to San Ysidro before continuing to Cuba from there.

There are lots of things to explore along the way, including museums and national monuments. There are also several campgrounds to set up your camper for the night.

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