Advantages of Owning a Camper

  • Posted on Feb 15, 2019

Campers can be useful for a whole range of activities and purposes. Whether you have expedition trailers or sheep camps, or you’re thinking of getting yourself one, let’s take a look at just a few of the benefits you can enjoy.

Outdoor Life

Travel trailers can be a fantastic way of getting out in the great outdoors and exploring our beautiful country. Campers can provide convenient accommodation while you travel, letting you load up your gear so you can have a home from home no matter where you are. And we all know about the benefits of camping and being out in the fresh air, so campers could help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Less Gas Mileage Compared to an RV

When you want the convenience of having your home with you wherever you go, you’ve perhaps considered an RV. However, think about it. RVs can really guzzle gas. And while hauling a trailer can reduce your miles per gallon on your vehicle, it will still likely have better gas consumption compared to an RV.

Another plus for the trailers is you have the convenience of driving around in your own vehicle once you’ve set up camp. You can simply leave the camper on site and explore the local area before returning to it in the evening, unlike an RV, which you’d have to take with you wherever you go.

Your Own Hunting Lodge

Imagine having your own hunting lodge ready to host you and your friends after a long day. If you have the acreage, setting up a couple of sheep camps on your land can be a welcoming retreat for weary hunters and an ideal place to prepare meals and refuel. Plus, it means you could extend your hunting trip.

Sheep Camps

Sheep camps can still be used as they were traditionally intended. You can easily tend to your livestock from a sheep camp, and if your land extends into pretty remote areas, this can be a great tool for keeping you protected from the elements at all times of year.

Sheep camps can also be ideal tourist accommodation, with the rising demand for unusual and quirky vacation properties. If you have the land, setting up a few sheep camps could provide you with a little extra income.

Fishing Camps

Whether you’re heading out on a fishing weekend trip by yourself or with the kids, a camper can be even more fun than a tent, especially in very hot or cold weather, as it can offer you more protection. Plus, it can be a great little home from home where you can cook your fresh catch.

Backyard Business

Whether you need a separate office or extra space for visitors, campers can be an affordable alternative to extending your home. Sheep camps and trailers can make excellent offices or guest suites and they can be compact enough to fit neatly in your backyard, with construction teams or noisy building sites required.

If you have the space, get a couple – one for your office and one for your visiting guests.

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“First, thanks for all of the help and patience in preparing to order our camp. You made sure that we really got what we wanted. From the time we picked up our camp we have really enjoyed it. It pulls great, and is easy to park and set up. This camp is so comfortable. Cooking and cleaning is easy, and everything is easy to get to. You can have people in and not feel crowded. We have camped in camp grounds, by lakes, and in the hills hunting with no problems. We like camping in it best when it is cold so we can use the wood stove. There is nothing cozier than that stove. Summer is nice to; the windows are placed so there is good ventilation. The door coming in from the front is more secure feeling. The kids are fighting over who will inherit it, but we are determined to wear it out before that happens.”

- Pat and Ernie , Sparks Nevada

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